Deplorable As Fuck shirt and hoodie

Deplorable As Fuck shirt

Just voted trump , deplorable as fuck shirt. Give me attention to buy this shirt. People keep giving me dirty looks and flipping me off today and I’m not sure why but it’s kinda rude. Probly cuz I’m black. That awesome/awkward moment you find out you’ve won tickets to Trump’s inauguration and you didn’t plan on winning so now everything is fucked.

Deplorable As Fuck shirt

Deplorable As Fuck ladies shirt

So if trump voters are deplorable humans and bigoted racists does that mean all Clinton voters are anarchist and rioters… I’m begging to see how this works…. Anyone else get treated like a motherfuckin’ immigrant when they have an AK47 at local range? #DeplorableAsFuck. If you love this shirt then click buy it now!

Deplorable As Fuck hoodie

Deplorable As Fuck hoodie

I Refuse to pay into the “Politician Political Welfare System.” We’re they get elected and Retire living fat off of, our Taxes and did Absolutely nothing for the People. Right to Free Speech shall not be infringed. Fellow Deplorables. Greetings! I hit a new high score recently. In one days time I managed to be called 16 different insults ranging from; homophobic, racist, obtuse, zealot, xenophobic, ignorant, privalaged, etc. etc. all in a matter of two posts on my personal page.

Deplorable As Fuck tank and v-neck tee

Deplorable As Fuck V-Neck Tee Deplorable As Fuck Tank top

Look reason I checked in here. I made a campaign morale patch. If you’re truly deplorable, CONUS, and you have a paypal they’re for sale for each with Deplorable As Fuck shirt. Shoot me a pm if interested, thanks Go Trump!
#DeplorableAsFuck. Feeling Deplorable as Fuck! Hey Killary, O’Bummer and their handful of supporters . . . we’re not gonna take it. Do you remember Mitt Romney or John McCain hinting at the option of assassinating their opponent? Me either. #deplorableasfuck

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