And you thought i was a nasty woman before buckle up buttercup t shirt

Update: “And you thought i was a nasty woman before buckle up buttercup”. For this design you can custom color and style. Click buy it now! NASTY WOMEN DON’T QUIT Shirt And Hoodie for fans. If you love this tee thens NASTY WOMEN… We aren’t going to let anything stop us. What doesn’t kill us makes us STRONGER. AND NASTIER. Let’s make a statement.


You thought I was a nasty woman Hoodie
You thought I was a nasty woman Hoodie
You thought I was a nasty woman Sweater
You thought I was a nasty woman Sweater

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6 thoughts on “And you thought i was a nasty woman before buckle up buttercup t shirt

  1. Judith D. Wilcox says:

    Her tweets back are definitely worth reading! Give this woman a Nasty Woman shirt with the words “And You Thought I Was A Nasty Woman Before? Buckle Up Buttercup!” She deserves it. Bravo!

    • Myfrogtee says:

      This tee must be your! Buy it now! Don’t forget to share with your friends!

  2. I Thought You Should Know says:

    In this video an attorney in 1975 uses some dirty tricks to get a child rapist off for raping 12 year old Kathy Shelton. And the lawyer is none other than… well, you’ll have to watch the video!
    UPDATE: This Video has now been endorsed by Kathy Shelton herself and her attorney Candice Jackson. These are two women who are true advocates for women’s and children’s rights, unlike the dirty attorney who traumatized Kathy as a child!
    I was compensated for this video today in the most rewarding way possible!
    Over 20 million views across social media channels will get you recognized! Out of those 20 million who watched my video, only one person really mattered, the woman who’s story I told. I am so proud that my video has found its way to her!
    I now officially can say my video is endorsed by Kathy Shelton herself. Kathy’s personal endorsement of my video has made this project one of the most meaningful labors of love I have pushed through. Her endorsement is my PAYMENT and I have been paid in full!!!
    I have been offered by over a dozen media outlets money for this video. Instead, I gave it to them for free. I never saw it as my story to sell, nor could I imagine profiting from a child being raped! Tonight I gave the rights to my video to Kathy Shelton via a conversation with her attorney, who called to thank me on Kathy’s behalf. It was an amazing feeling!
    I spoke with Kathy’s attorney Candice Jackson enough to grasp how much this meant to Kathy. As she conveyed Kathy’s appreciation for my making the video, and her surprise that I took the time to make it, I had only one thought… my pleasure!

    • Myfrogtee says:

      That you know it! If you vote her then click buy this tee now!

  3. The Chic Site by Rachel Hollis says:

    This morning someone sent me a nasty message on Facebook. Unfortunately, this happens several times a week but because I’ve committed to reading everything that’s sent my way (most people are lovely and kind or looking for support and I don’t want to ignore them) I inevitably read the ugly things too. This woman wanted me to know that I was a bad person/mother/ etc and listed out her reasons why. I understand that mean people are looking for opportunities to be mean. I get that hurting people want to strike out. You know what, it’s still hard not to get my feelings hurt. So I went to church feeling discouraged and then the sermon was on persecution. And I sat in the congregation and nodded my head and thought, “Yes! That’s me, I’m being persecuted!” And then an Iranian pastor and his wife came on stage and talked about what it means to be a Christian in Iran. They talked about worshiping in their homes and keeping their singing quiet so the authorities wouldn’t hear. They spoke about being arrested on Christmas day and the months they spent in prison. Ugh! So much perspective for me today and so humbling. Sometimes I have hard days… And I need to be reminded that “hard” is all about perspective. #HollisChurchClothes

    • Myfrogtee says:

      Click buy it to get your “you thought i was a nasty woman before buckle up buttercup” Shirt or Hoodie now!

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