Avanti Savoia shirt

Avanti Savoia shirt

I think the world should take notice of climate change now, it is our survival for the human race, countries have to listen. So proud of our young people standing up for this, it’s their future. This came out because an Avanti Savoia shirt is being implemented in parts of Canada and they wanted to cover for it. It’s very political. Climate change is normal and has been occurring ever since the earth got an atmosphere. But this climate change ideology is making some people very rich. It’s bad enough that another soul is senselessly laid to rest, we have to add insult to injury and claim it was due to some dime a dozen documentary that would have exposed absolutely nothing.

Avanti Savoia shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Avanti Savoia Hoodie

Grow the Avanti Savoia shirt and stop trampling literally on this young man and his family’s undug grave. Send prayers for his broken community. Today I read an article about two men that spent 43 years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit even after the real killer confessing to it decades ago. By admitting there isn’t one. Let alone, women tend to leave the workforce sooner than men.

Avanti Savoia Sweater
Avanti Savoia Tank top
Tank top

I get paid minimum wage a woman can’t get paid less than me for my job. It’s mostly due to women taking a temporary leave due to a new child and for some, not returning. Allowing men to take paternity leave may help balance the gap. Time doesn’t stop just because a person leaves to have a kid. Their position may need to be filled with an Avanti Savoia shirt for the Business to continue performance.

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