Hindsight for president 2020 shirt

Bernie Sanders - Hindsight 2020 shirt

Montana leans Republican. In Bozeman, a rapidly gentrifying college town that has drawn retirees from both coasts, the crowd for Quist’s rally did not. The event felt more like an attempt to recruit volunteers for another Sanders presidential campaign. Many attendees wore Sanders merchandise. There were hats featuring the Vermont senator’s silhouette and the slogan “Hindsight 2020”. There were T-shirts with an illustration of Sanders riding a unicorn in front of an American flag and a rainbow, with the slogan “Bernie Is Magical”. Sanders, the featured speaker, did nothing to dispel such sentiment as he repeated familiar attacks from the 2016 stump, attacking “the millionaires and the billionaires”.

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Hindsight for president 2020 shirttank top
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Hindsight for president 2020 shirtv-neck t-shirt
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