Cory booker for president 2020 shirt

Cory booker for president 2020 shirt

I had a similar article posted earlier today that Facebook took down off my wall without explanation. EDIT: Original post just magically reappeared on my wall after I posted this one. Tricky, tricky, Facebook. Well, I’ll leave this one here, too. The truth hurts, apparently. Thirteen democratic senators voted against lowering prescription drug costs. Bernie’s amendment to lower costs failed by SIX votes, 46-52. So the Democrats by their cowardice and greed killed this legislation. The original article was about how 13 Democratic senators voted with Republicans against Sanders’ amendment to lower prescription drug prices and how Democratic Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey — who will likely run for president in 2020 — sold out his constituents and voted against the amendment because he received more than $200,000 from drug company lobbyists. He doesn’t, like so many other Dems, care about the people, yet he and other Democrats portray themselves as Progressives. No, they are beholden to their corporate overlords, not us.  Remember Booker’s name and this vote when he comes to BS you in four years about how he works for the people. He’s a smooth talker in an empty shirt.  Bernie is the only politician on the federal level who earns his pay.
Let’s see if FB takes this post down.

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