Official Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt

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    Official Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt
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    That picture looks like a flashback to those old family photos that you see in the true-crime shows. You know the ones with the abusive boyfriend with his arm wrapped around the woman, showing everybody. I would go as far as to say, tampons should be free on the Official Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt in all hospitals. When I broke my leg 7 or so years ago, I had 4 nights in the hospital and what with one thing and another, it didn’t occur to me that I’d stopped taking my pill, so came on my period unexpectedly.

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    The nurses weren’t able to give me anything and told me to ask a friend or family member to bring something in with them when they came to visit – which would mean laying around bleeding for hours. Eventually, one of the Official Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt and gave me a couple of towels from her own handbag, but she made the point that she really wasn’t supposed to do that. It’s a basic bodily function so I was so shocked at how ill-prepared they were to deal with it!

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    I can go my whole life without needing a tampon, my wife and my daughters cannot. We cannot all share the discomfort and inconvenience of menstruation but we all could share the cost. There is nothing as a man I have to buy that a woman does not, but a woman during a big part of her life will have to buy tampons, that’s not fair. A man will have to eat an Official Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt than a woman in his lifetime. Is it fair to give him that extra food for free?

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