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Never Underestimate An Old Man With A Trombone T-Shirts, hoodie

Not gonna lie…Ogden has some musicians that I can’t even comprehend. Proud to be a part of this show. When a couple of dirty hippies get invited to a show with such youthful and eclectic musicians, I suddenly don’t feel like such an old man. God bless Brooke Mackintosh, Barbaloot Suitz and Talia Keys for […]

Never Underestimate an Old Man who is also a Drummer T-shirt, hoodie

Holding a benefit auction in our rock group, Rough and Tumbled Treasures. Have some great deals, if you would like to be added let me know. Here is the info on the children adopted this year. Some have ask for sizes of the children we have adopted this year, so I’m posting this list for […]

Never Underestimate Old Man Who Loves Scuba Diving T-Shirt, hoodie

Obituary for Jack L. Currey! It was THE BEST OF TIMES. This is how Jack Currey has described his life. In the well-known verbiage of the river running community, Jack Currey “ran his last rapid” on November 18, 2016. He leaves behind a rich and adventurous legacy of navigating some of the wildest rivers in […]