0100 Real Quick shirt

Though I will toss off the vest and “0100 Real Quick shirt” real quick. Dont tempt me. “oh snap, it’s #thirsttrapthursday let me just pull my pants down lift my “0100 Real Quick shirt”  for the gram. Yeah the ladies love that” . Could you hand me my shirt real quick now, please? Need this “0100 Real Quick shirt” thus morning because ugh. I am not feeling it. Didn’t sleep well last night with the hubby gone. Sure hope my Energize kicks in here real quick.

0100 Real Quick shirt, hoodie, tank top

0100 Real Quick Longsleeve
0100 Real Quick Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt
0100 Real Quick Hoodie

Best 0100 Real Quick shirt, hoodie, tank top

Aaaand it’s real here and checked in to stay overnight about to receive our first treatment. Thanks TT (Christina) for my “0100 Real Quick shirt“! He is quickly becoming the nurses favorite patient and this shirt is a constant reminder of all the people we have praying for this sweet boy!

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