Black girls rock shirt

Black girls rock shirt

The elementary school student previously faced self-acceptance issues, her mom said. Black girls rock shirt: It’s uncanny that when we affirm our identity, culture, and power we are still met with systemic resistance… Cheers to the mom who not only affirmed her child’s identity w/ the BGR! t-shirt.

Black girls rock shirt, youth tee and v-neck t-shirt

Black girls rock Guys t-shirt
Guys t-shirt

Who also sought action against the school leaders who deemed it appropriate to penalize an 8-year-old child for her self-empowerment. A young girl in Mississippi has worn her ‘Black girls rock shirt‘ many times to school, but she recently came home in a different shirt than the one she left the house wearing. Her school did apologize for the incident.
Do you think the school went too far in making the young girl change her shirt?

Black girls rock hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Black girls rock Hoodie
Black girls rock Sweater

A shirt intended to help an 8-year-old Biloxi girl boost her self-esteem instead landed her in the principal’s office, this is Black girls rock shirt-but the school has since had a change of heart.

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