Justice for philando shirt

Justice for philando t shirt

Just because it is asking for justice for soemone a t-shirt. This shirt is reason for offence and outrage and they are immune to justice. The very same day the Justice for philando shirt opened an investigation into the murder of Alton Sterling, another Black life was stolen by police. Philando Castile was stopped by the Minnesota police because his car had broken rear light, and he was shot four times within minutes. He died shortly after at the hospital.
The aftermath was filmed by his girlfriend. She explains that Philando had been told to get his license and registration and when he reached for them he was shot in the arm. Then she films Philando crying out in pain and bleeding through his white Justice for philando shirt.

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We demand that the DOJ investigate, charge and arrest the officer who shot Philando Castile four times and watched him bleed in front of his girlfriend and her young daughter. “He was just black in the wrong place” said Castile’s mother, Valerie Castile. The words of this mama hit home, and hard. She says “I am scared at how silent you are. I am scared that for the ability to relate and empathize, you need a DIRECT relationship to a Black person.” I have to admit, that was me. Perspective can be scary between the lack of conviction for Justice for philando shirt Castile’s murder, and the shooting of the pregnant Mom in Seattle, my heart hurts. Take a moment to read what she writes-it’s powerful.

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