Yes, I am Mixed shirt

Yes, I am Mixed shirt

Hey Liz Haslam!! Your first round of bags arrive tomorrow! so we will take first orders as of tomorrow afternoon.  if we run out we will get more printed and see about coloured bags too!.. we are really pleased to be able to help your pooches at Beds for Bullies  and yes everyone!! Available as of tomorrow! Help us help the pups yes Yes, I am Mixed shirt w blonde hair yes we were twerkin when it was booty dancing n yes lil snow bunnies blondes do have more fun lol Yes I’ve been awake since 4:40am, yes I’ve been babysitting since 6am and I still have 3 left until I’m free to go home but that’s no excuse to not keep up on my healthy eating today!

Yes, I am Mixed shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Yes, I am Mixed hoodie
Yes, I am Mixed ladies shirt
ladies shirt
Yes, I am Mixed tank top
tank top
Yes, I am Mixed v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Offcial Yes, I am Mixed shirt

When fusion ideas make sense The zingy zesty fusion of lemon and lime Yes, I am Mixed shirt with almonds to create a Luscious cake with cream cheese buttercream, it’s a burst of flavours in your mouth. ‪I am not saying that you shouldn’t love. No, love with all you have and until you can. What I actually mean is, love is too precious to be treated like this. It’s not fair to treat love like any other feeling. It’s not fair to mix it with jealousy and pain.‬ Love is supposed to remove all of your doubts, all of your pains and not create them. It’s like we all are chasing and in some case, feeling something which we don’t even know. Yes, I am Mixed shirt No, you can’t love someone and just unlove them, that is so not how love works. No, you cannot say that the situations weren’t right because if you love someone you make the situations right. You change whole of your destiny for the person you love and you accept all their flaws.‬

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