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Deplorable As Fuck shirt and hoodie

Deplorable As Fuck shirt

Just voted trump , deplorable as fuck shirt. Give me attention to buy this shirt. People keep giving me dirty looks and flipping me off today and I’m not sure why but it’s kinda rude. Probly cuz I’m black. That awesome/awkward moment you find out you’ve won tickets to Trump’s inauguration and you didn’t plan […]

if Trump is not your president then this is not your country shirt

If Trump Is Not Your President Then This Is Not Your Country guys tee

The fact trump has not condemned what happened to the CIA, is mind blowing! Maybe, because it wasn’t about him , personally, so he doesnt care ….even though he is president now, and anything that happens to our country, should be taken personally by the president of the United States.       He seems […]

Nasty women keep fighting shirt, hoodie and sweatshirt

Just got my Nasty Women Keep Fighting sweatshirts so we are ready for Austin’s January 21 protest march. Love this! If you disagree please keep it to yourself, respectfully, or feel free to unfriend me, if you feel the need to do so 🙂 I cannot be complacent & I will not be silent. Among […]

Nasty women’s rights are human rights shirt and hoodie 2017

Nasty women's rights are human rights shirt

The organization said it wants the event to “send a bold message to our new administration on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights.” We are proud to announce that we are official supporters of the Women’s March on Washington. We will be there, hand in hand […]

Proud Member Of The Basket of Deplorables Trump 2016 T-Shirt, hoodie

Proud Member Of The Basket of Deplorables Trump 2016 T-Shirt

I am a proud member of the “basket of deplorables”. donald j. trump will save this nation and undo everything the illegal obama administration has done. the first time since 2008 i feel like a proud american! i am proud to wear my trump t-shirts, mask, and red white and blue tie!

Nasty Women March Shirt and hoodie, Nasty woman march 2017 Tee

Nasty Women March Shirt

Happy new year 2017 and this is the best dedign for women! Custom colors and size! Click red button to buy it now. On January 21st, united we march. We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all. HEAR OUR VOICE. Nasty Women March Tee Design: Nasty woman […]

Deplorable me Trump For President 2016 t-shirt, hoodie

Deplorable me Trump For President 2016 sweat shirt

DEPLORABLE TRUMP 2016 TSHIRT & Longsleeve Do u want this? If so comment “yes,i want” below.As Democrats and the media continue to squabble over what happened during the seismic election of 2016 — which saw Donald Trump win thepresidency and Republicans make significant gains again in state after state — it’s sunfrog to see the very […]

Human Michelle Obama 2020 T-Shirt, hoodie and tank top

This is Human Michelle Obama tshirt and hoodie, Vote Obama to be president then buy this t-shirt now! For Obama fans! Buy it for gift and don’t forget share it with your friend! Why buy on myfrogtee? 100% soft cotton, smooth and comfortable Designed and printed in U.S. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee