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Go Vikings! We are doing it again as the team clinched the regional title today against Walsh. We will be taking orders for T-shirts for the State games. Does anyone have a gay Minnesota Vikings shirt I can borrow? I promise you can have it back. I sure the hell don’t want it.

2017 Vikings t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops for men and women

So my shirt size has dropped quite a bit in the last 20 months and I have had to buy quite a bit of clothing in that time. Last week I wore one of my old AC/DC shirts to mow the lawn. When Beth did laundry she brought the shirt to me said “This is a 6x shirt. It is going to goodwill. We need to watch our clothing budget but you can always have an AC/DC shirt that fits you, as well as a Cubs shirt and a Vikings shirt.” Reason #344 I have the best wife ever.

I may look calm but in my head i’ve killed you three times shirt

I may look calm but in my head i've killed you three times shirt

If Minnesotan’s aren’t wearing Vikings gear, their wearing…..Minnesota gear. No team, just pics of the state. Necklaces, hats, shirts. You name it. all NINTH grades who attend SJH tomorrow is are panoramic photo! Make sure to wear something dedicated to Kota  like purple, yellow, syracuse storm jerseys, Vikings stuff, wrestling stuff or if you have […]

Death is inevitable so live life without fear shirt

Death is inevitable so live life without fear shirt

2016 was arguably one of the best of my life…I know that most of my social media fam tend to disagree, but I challenge you to change your perspective. For me, this year wasn’t without it’s very dark times, wasn’t without loss or death of friends AND friendships, wasn’t without disappointment and setbacks, wasn’t without […]