8 Bit christmas tree sweater

8 Bit christmas tree sweater

December is knocking. Loudly. Check out our new 8-page ad filled with decor, gifts, wrap and so much more. Then bring your gift list and to-do list to your favorite location. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll accomplish, and how much you’ll save.

8 Bit christmas tree sweater, ladies shirt and guys shirt

8 Bit christmas tree ladies shirt
ladies shirt
8 Bit christmas tree guys shirt
guys shirt

8 Bit christmas tree sweater, hoodie and longsleeve shirt

Happy holidays to everyone! If you are considering purchasing a painting for 8 Bit christmas tree sweater , please understand that all of my stuff is made to order (unless I happen to have it finished on-hand) so the deadline is coming up very quickly. If you place an order any later than December 15th, or if the complexity of the painting is such that it requires several weeks worth of work, I cannot guarantee you’ll get it before the 25th.

8 Bit christmas tree hoodie
8 Bit christmas tree longsleeve shirt
longsleeve shirt

Evening  i managed to get 8 Bit christmas tree sweater, 1 king, and 25 robins cut today, along with bits of housework, some order packing, and a weeny bit of admin then this happened  Guess i will have a break We’ve got the Christmas Tree up, and this year’s is the biggest yet! (It’s about 2-3 inches short of hitting the ceiling). Now it’s time for everyone to help us decorate it with perler bead ornaments and you can win some awesome loot!.


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