Bah humpug ugly christmas sweater

Bah humpug ugly christmas sweater

All you have to do is follow me & leave a comment of which magnet or keychain you’d pick. Giveaway will close at the end of Sunday (12/10) & I’ll announce winners next week. I’ll be posting same Bah humpug ugly christmas sweater on Twitter & Instagram. You can enter in all 3 (with 3 winners chosen from each social media) but you can only win once.

Bah humpug ugly christmas sweater, ladies shirt and guys shirt

Bah humpug ugly christmas ladies shirt
ladies shirt
Bah humpug ugly christmas guys shirt
guys shirt

Bah humpug ugly christmas sweater, hoodie and longsleeve shirt

I also got some pom pom garlands for fun! But I need more so that I can make it more drapey. The pugs don’t seem that impressed with all my efforts. My mornings have become a lot more active & interesting. At least my pug alarm clocks are doing a better job of waking me up! Bah humpug ugly christmas sweater still sleeps in a crate but after the early morning outing she gets to spend the next hour on the big bed).

Bah humpug ugly christmas hoodie
Bah humpug ugly christmas longsleeve shirt
longsleeve shirt

I feel like I’m watching a movie that’s a cross of Jurassic Park & Alien, with a touch of romance. She runs like a total doofus with her sticks, especially ones that are too long or bent. My niece asked me to draw a picture of her & the pugs on her ipad (can we all just take a minute to think about how crazy it is the technology kids have nowadays.

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