Doctor who ugly christmas sweater

Doctor who ugly christmas sweater

Need help! I want a ugly Christmas sweater. But why not a GEEKY Doctor who ugly christmas sweater I’ve got two Doctor Who options, and two Zelda options. Which are your favorites Heya Folks! Christmas is right around the corner so I thought Id take a shot at a fun “Ugly” Christmas sweater Doctor WhoChristmas Special with uglysweaters!!! I love my bestie so much!

Doctor who ugly christmas sweater, tank top and youth tee

Doctor who ugly christmas tank top
tank top
Doctor who ugly christmas t-shirt
Doctor who ugly christmas youth shirt
youth shirt


Doctor who ugly christmas sweater and hoodie

The number of ugly Christmas Sweater tee shirts I’ve done this year is insane! I helped a client open an all uglysweater tee store this winter, so there was a TON of work for that. I’ve done the cat one you all saw last week, a ton of funny Doctor who ugly christmas sweater ones (too many to count.) In the upcoming week there will be 2 Dota2 ones, 1 Protoss one, a Walking Dead one, a Doctor Who one and a Game of Thrones one. I also have orders for 2-3 more cat ones! Then, I think I can give it a rest!!!! Who am I kidding? I love the work.

Doctor who ugly christmas hoodie

On this day 17 years ago, I met my son for the first time. Since then he has become such an amazing man. Compassionate, loving, intelligent, at times serious, and sometimes if I am lucky goofy. He is such a great soul. Because I am respecting his wishes, I not posting the picture of him dressed as Harry Potter (at age 5) or of him as Doctor Who, or the one with him wearing the Llama Doctor who ugly christmas sweater. I am not a passive aggressive momma, lol. Still wish I would have gotten a picture of him getting slapped with a fish by his friend. Oooooooh, that was so funny! My son laughed so hard he couldn’t stand any more, the rest of us were laughing just as hard (no he didn’t hurt, just was funny as hell).

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