Goku christmas tree shirt

Goku christmas tree shirt

Just finished decorating our first Christmas tree! And yes that is a spirit bomb gokutree topper made by my wonderful boyfriend Dragon Ball Z Christmas tree progress. And yes I know he’s in Super Saiyan form… no I couldn’t find Goku christmas tree shirt in base form. But it’s coming together nice! All that’s left is dragon ball lights and a custom Shenron wrapped around the tree.

Goku christmas tree shirt , longsleeve and ladies shirt

Goku christmas tree longsleeve shirt
longsleeve shirt
Goku christmas tree ladies shirt
ladies shirt

Goku christmas tree shirt, hoodie and sweater

I need a picture of Goku christmas tree shirt and Piccolo all sitting around a Christmas tree on Christmas day opening gifts and Gohan has given Goku and  Bad Dad sweater and Piccolo Tree topper at Epcot, recreating the moment Goku used his Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu and save Christmas.

Goku christmas tree hoodie
Goku christmas tree sweater

You know how good it felt to throw away all those old traditions that were in my house, like that Christmas tree that’s just siting in the closet! Them Disney teddy bears, all those things that were just taking up space.. we gotta let go, and make room for the new and improved ! Replace those with things that mean something .. but wait I forgot about that goku and those bobble heads I never opened . I’m finna sell those.


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