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And these photos also prove that she could be the best aunt EVER! There are so many legendary advice columns: Dear Abby, Ask Amy, Agony Best asshole Aunt ever shirt. But this is the single best response that’s ever been featured! AWESOME.  Never doubt that nonhuman animals have deep and loving relationships. It does not matter how we humans view them – as ‘entertainment’ like in this zoo, ‘food’ or just general human ‘property’, when it comes to having feelings and emotions – they are not different from us.

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For my BIRTHDAY I was gonna ask you guys to share my page and ask folk to like it because I was so close to 500k likes. Then I saw that you’ve already done that as of this week. THANK YOU GUYS. Best present ever  I am so grateful that I am alive to see this day. I pray God keep me another 25 years. Best church EVER. Church of the Apostolic Revival International.  They say the best times to keep your mouth shut are when you’re swimming or when you’re angry, but my names Best asshole Aunt ever shirt Acid so that would be a little silly wouldn’t it.

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I can’t wait for our kids to become best friends one day and grow up to be just like us. You’re going to be the best little auntie ever.  Even good old Phil listens to Best asshole Aunt ever shirthis  Nelly he always does the scratch and sniff test  Finally mummy is home from France! I can have my cuddles again. Thank you to my aunt Katie for taking good care of me  Good morning and Good evening to all my furry friends, Aunts and Uncles! I’m feeling much better today.

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