For The Throne shirt

For The Throne shirt

We just need to look back 20/30 years: I remembered my grandmas had almost 0 waste cause they grew up during the war and waste was not an option. They basically re-used everything, they didn’t get a For The Throne shirt and they didn’t certainly waste any food. Seems we erase this memory very quickly. I live in Finland and most kids I’ve encountered growing up in a similar way. It also depends if you live in the city you might bike or use some sort of public transport but I have 8 diff garbage cans outside of my apartment complex. We recycle everything. It’s great.

For The Throne shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

For The Throne Longsleeve
For The Throne Hoodie

It may work in a For The Throne shirt of 10k inhabitants but a city of 5mil all burning wood and sledding to work is a pipe dream. Scientists have now proven that electric vehicles are more polluting than conventional ones by the time all the expensive batteries elements have been mined shipped and processed, plus all the extra energy to recharge them and when spent at around 12 years the reprocessing. Some great stuff in there and leading the way the world needs to go, whether you like it or describe them as snowflakes.

For The Throne Sweater
For The Throne Tank top
Tank top

However, I was hoping to see how they achieve zero waste as per the headline. The For The Throne shirt have waste that can’t be recycled or composted, so what do they do with it? Interesting to see they burn wood too, given that our own government is looking to ban wood burners because they are too polluting and you know My.Frog.Tee. Who is right, there? Too many jeering voices! It’s those attitudes that perpetuate the problem. If we would just ALL do everything we can in our little corner of the world we would see the difference. Trade and industry especially!

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