Training for the Dark arts shirt

Training for the Dark arts shirt

In the last 5 days, I’ve been asked almost as many times if I wear anything different from some sort of Training for the Dark arts shirt, khaki or OD green tac pants, & side zip boots. Being interviewed is rough. It seems simple, but life is very different in front of a microphone and camera. In our training courses we often refer to it as a ‘Training for the Dark arts shirt‘. But Kellyanne Conway is at a whole new level.  We swing from begrudging admiration to simple anger at her work.  After watching this shirt clip on how she does it, what do you think I want to address the philosophy I try to impart while training. Knife work is inherently “dark” and it is all too easy for your students to go over to “The Dark Side” while training in it (I can hear Yoda’s voice now, “Beware the Sharp Side of the Force. Seductive it is. Once you have started down the sharp and pointy path, forever it will hold you.

Training for the Dark arts shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Training for the Dark arts hoodie
Training for the Dark arts tank top
tank top
Training for the Dark arts v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Funny Training for the Dark arts shirt

The Town I Loved So Well” is a song written by Phil Coulter about his childhood in Derry. The first three verses are about the simple lifestyle he grew up with in Derry, while the final two deal with the Troubles, and lament how his placid hometown had become a major military outpost, plagued with violence. It’s your choice to wear a bra or not. If wearing one bothers you, simply take it off! At first, it might feel tough to deal with all the staring and the asking, but I promise, in no time you will be carefree.  Dad is Coming to visit me in Boston the week before I go to Puerto Rico in October so we are returning in the same flight back home. That is a good quality 2 weeks and a half with him. Training for the Dark arts shirt .

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