Harry Potter vs Star Wars shirt

Harry Potter vs Star Wars shirt

Meet the Fangirl of the Day: Annie! This elementary school teacher loves Harry Potter vs Star Wars shirt, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, The Wizard of Oz, Marvel and Indiana Jones. The person who nominated her says “Annie passes on the Fangirl legacy to scores of a new generation, arranging all sorts of Star Wars-themed activities through her school that teach her students about friendship, faith, the power of reading and creativity, the dark side vs. the light, female empowerment – all the qualities imbedded in the Star Wars universe. Annie has always been a trend-setter, embracing the Star Wars fandom even during the ‘lean years’ of support and collecting.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars tank top

Harry Potter vs Star Wars tank top
tank top

She was wearing a ‘Jedi in Training’ t-shirt the day she met her husband and had vintage Han and Leia action figures as their cake topper when they got married – many years before that became the popular norm.” Absolutely brilliant. All they needed were some innocent guys in red shirts to get beamed down and slaughtered in the crossfire.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars shirt and v-neck t-shirt

How many of you are currently wearing a Harry Potter vs Star Wars shirt? If you are fans then this shirt must be your! One More picture celebrating Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you! Happy Star wars day!!! And May the force be with you always!

Harry Potter vs Star Wars Ladies V-neck t-shirt
Ladies V-neck t-shirt

My son is rocking this Harry Potter vs Star Wars shirt today. Here’s the thing, this used to be mine when I was a kid. Not too long ago we found it in an old box. Until today no one has worn this for about 32 years!

Harry Potter vs Star Wars Youth shirt
Youth shirt

Hope your Star Wars day has been swell! (It was actually very difficult to choose which Star Wars shirt to wear today. ended up going with this classic tank from Hot Topic!)

Harry Potter vs Star Wars Ladies shirt
Ladies shirt

Get a sneak peek at the exclusive Star Wars fashions available at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars v-neck t-shirt
Guys v-neck t-shirt

Like my NEW Star Wars shirt?? I’m spending today cleaning, editing cosplay photos in photoshop & working on cosplays! How’s your weekend going?

Cool Harry Potter vs Star Wars hoodie

Harry Potter vs Star Wars hoodie

Lol so tommy and I get a text from charee this morning asking about this shirt. Tommy said “Harry Potter vs Star Wars shirt” (I did know that but have never watched either of them) charee said yea I have no idea of eithe of them. Haha I replied with “I don’t do Harry Potter more than I don’t do Star Wars! This article brought us into a big discussion. We talked about what it would be like to have a Derek Black at Eckerd. Tiz would throw a tomato at him and Kevin would throw a themed party (cowboys vs. Derek Black). But then we found out a Jewish kid made him better. Now his parents don’t like him, but they still talk sometimes (seems complicated)..Lindsey said he was probably ashamed of his beliefs and that’s why he hid it in the beginning, Tiz said new college did good! We then watched the Neo-nazi trailer with former Harry Potter vs Star Wars shirt in it.

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