What would Hermione do shirt

What would Hermione do shirt

Meet Felix. My 9 year old son. It absolutely melts my heart how much he loves being involved in my business. So much so that he has his own t-shirt range! I couldn’t be prouder Mighty Girl fans of the brightest witch of her age will love this week’s “T-Shirt of the Week” celebrating House Gryffindor, home of What would Hermione do shirt Granger! This red cotton t-shirt features the classic Gryffindor crest in a large distressed print on the front, with yellow stripes around the sleeves and an athletic “Gryffindor” logo on the back. It’s available in juniors sizes from small to extra-large. Finally, I got my own customized What would Hermione do shirt! It’s so pretty! I’ve always wanted to be Hermione Granger because if you know me so well, I’m bossy, book smart and intimidating. Special thanks to my friend Choy Siew Wearn for making this masterpiece. Get your own shirt for only RM 29 and your money will be donated to charity (Animal Welfare Society).

What would Hermione do shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

What would Hermione do hoodie
What would Hermione do tank top
tank top
What would Hermione do v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Funny What would Hermione do shirt

To celebrate the launch of Felix’s gorgeous t-shirt range, we have decided to give away a heap of kids tees!! Just share this post, Like my page and tag any of your friends that you think might like a FREE kids t-shirt and you will go in the draw! Catching a flight soon, what better to wear than Harry Potter gear? Hogwarts shirt, house crest leggings and What would Hermione do shirt wand necklace!  All bought at Jay Jays, except for the wand which was from Wish. Hello. I’m good thanks, just been to an exercise class though so I’m pooped! Ha yeah it was fine thanks, just sat in the common room and read More Magazine lol. Huh? Haven’t heard about that? Lol selling men? We were thinking about going to the Courtyard.. Wet T-Shirt Competition lol. Are you going then.

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