Official Dustin And Dart Shirt

Dustin And Dart Shirt

New design up! “Dustin And Dart Shirt” by Firebeard is now up for voting on Tee Tee! Want to see it printed? HELP IT BECOME A T-SHIRT! You can get the Super Strange World t-shirt now on Red Bubble! Stranger Things crossed with Super Mario World!

Dustin And Dart Shirt, ladies shirt and youth shirt

Dustin And Dart Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt

Have some happy nephews tonight! Pizza, dart guns, no shirts like uncle Dustin and cake in the oven! Aunt Lindsey did good. I made a new Dustin And Dart Shirt! A parody of Calvin and Hobbes, of course, but with my favorite character, Dustin along with his trusty Demo-Dog, Dart…but then, I’m a little biased, haha. Get ’em while they’re only $14! The ART BY DUSTINART is not on the actual design. just there to help fight art thieves!

Dustin And Dart Hoodie and sweater

Dustin And Dart Hoodie
Dustin And Dart Sweater

The Spring final dart tournaments at The Shack are officially in the books. We had a full field of 32 shooters for the qualifier tournament and another 16 shooters for the non-qualifier tournament. To get this last post started, we just want to thank Dustin And Dart Shirt, Budweiser, and JBM Amusements for everything they did to support the tournament and the shooters over the last 2 years.

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