Fuck the king shirt game of Thrones

  • Fuck the king shirt game of Thrones
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    If I see one more cunt wearing a “dicks out for harambe” shirt I’m Fuck the king shirt hitting them How can the kids remember momma told me not to sell work 17-5 same color t-shirt but don’t remember who cracked the fucking tablet and they can’t listen to that song no more around me period it’s really Fuck the king shirt are kids up Started drawing a design for a client and then got really fucking into it and then went off and did my own thing and now here we are. So I won Prom Queen at the Ice Nine Kills concert! I got a crown and everything! Teeny bit disappointed that I didn’t get blood poured on me but it’s okay  I had the best Fuck the king shirt time, wow. I was at the very front (again!). The singer for SECRETS hugged me and kissed my head awh. Than later, the lead singer of INK (Spencer) fell on me and I totally got black lipstick on his shirt  he kept grabbing my head during the rest of the set and apologized later.

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    Well I was gonna have my official shirt done today, however my laptop is acting all Fuck the king shirt up again,  it’s not easy being the alleyway king. Oh fucking well, work with what I got making it happen regardless… Just takes a little longer sadly. 7years ago b4 I went back to prison.it’s a place I like to go once in a while some of my best years of my life when we were a family before she fucked.everything she broke a happy home up this stays on my mind I’ll stress it to the rest my family I don’t give a Fuck the king shirt.about the shit we’ve done to each get your head out your asses family need each other.I lost the greatest man in the world b/c I wanted to get high fuck who was envolve I chose to take the gun an sell it.do y’all know what pop pop said to me when 12 wicomico exile task force took me to jail.he dick you won’t be at my general an you’ll never see me again he was right he tried to visit me at eci.he wore shirts.

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