Lord of the drinks shirt

Lord of the drinks shirt

Oh God, You have the power to bring water to the driest places. We walk nowhere in this world outside Your territory or authority. Though it may seem that these places we reside in today are barren, and we struggle to see the hope, Your spiritual water awaits us in the cleft of the Lord of the drinks shirt. We praise Thee, for Your drink won’t be just enough to wet out palates, but its abundance will run down our shirts that all may see Your great provision, in Jesus’ name. Amen. So a mysterious looking young man walks in wearing a t-shirt with an emblem that’s says “Taliban Hunting Club” asking for something to drink Thank you Lord of the drinks shirt for quenching my thirst today and every other day Today a guy at Alpine working the cashier gave me a free drink with my meal after pointing out that I was a part of the Kingdom of God via the message he received from the shirt I was wearing (the shirt says “Saved Girl Problems”). While thanking God for this blessing, the story of the Samaritan woman came to mind.

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Lord of the drinks v-neck t-shirt
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Offcial Lord of the drinks shirt

I went through a drive thru to get a drink- got to the window- and there before me stood a young man with one arm shorter than the other. He immediately apologized that he was taking a little longer, but the person before me had paid in all change, and he was gathering it all to put back in the register. I assured him it was perfectly fine, but what he didn’t know is that behind my sunglasses were the biggest tears. Lord of the drinks shirt read Jesus Christ and that’s what I saw all over him. He gave me what I needed and then I pulled on through. I began thanking God. Thanking Him for giving me a visual because He knows that’s how I learn best. Thanking Him for this young man who unknowingly gave this Momma big hope. Thanking Him for whomever was in charge of hiring at this particular location. I worry and think on Doc’s future so much- but this young man and this store gave me hope that no matter what God will use my son.

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