Shame Game of Thrones shirt

Shame Game of Thrones shirt

Did you see Cersei’s walk of shame in Game of Thrones? I think Dan Jones should have a walk ofshame, except with him wearing this “Shame Game of Thrones shirt“. This used to be my LAUNDRY SHIRTOFSHAME. (Yep, last clean shirt in the drawer.) But now it’s my super-cool direwolf shirt! And I can wear it whenever I want. Thanks, Game of Thrones.  Shame! Shame! Shame! Check out our new Game of Thrones inspired “ShameofThrones” T-Shirt! Now Available in multiple colors and Men’s & Women’s sizes.

Shame Game of Thrones shirt, hoodie, tank top

Shame Game of Thrones Hoodie
Shame Game of Thrones Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt
Shame Game of Thrones V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt

Cool Shame Game of Thrones shirt, hoodie, tank top

Walk of Atonement Shirt – Shame Lady from “Shame Game of Thrones shirt“. It says “SHAME SHAME SHAME” on the back! LOL. Had the most amazing conversation with some random dude at the gym about my game of thrones shirt today… This dude puts us to shame! Game of Thrones “White Walker” Ross Mullan gives Adequate the thumbs up and walked away with one of our blue shirts (shame it wasn’t white!).

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