Under armour Cat mom shirt

Under armour Cat mom shirt

2 weeks later 15th July 2018 I lost my Under armour Cat mom shirt the Sunday morning at 3 I gave him a bottle and at 6 we found him dead, he wasn’t sick he was healthy, strong and above all happy. He had no symptoms of any kind but the death report said he had anemia so I did some digging and turns out he had leukemia, you can be so lucky she didn’t die, I wasn’t so lucky at all, he left his twin sister behind.

Under armour Cat mom shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Under armour Cat mom youth tee
Youth tee
Under armour Cat mom ladies tee
Ladies tee

Our FATHER took my son and his in a better place but it makes me sad to see how the government allow this to be given they are killing so many children and I hold them responsible all these children’s blood is on there hands. The same thing happened to my Under armour Cat mom shirt!

Under armour Cat mom hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Under armour Cat mom sweater
Under armour Cat mom hoodie

They denied everything and it was a couple minutes after vaccination violently throwing up all day and night. I took my records and never returned. So glad you went w your gut and knew it WAS the vaccines and haven’t got any more, thank you for sharing your story, I hope it helps more mommas out there to see and understand the dangers of all these injections that are pushed upon our Under armour Cat mom shirt!

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