Batman punch Trump shirt

Batman punch Trump shirt

I doubt you were punched by a man who, after seeing you, went out of his way, got out of his car, punched you, and actually yelled “Batman punch Trump shirt” right after. People couldn’t care less how you look, dress, where you’re from or who you support for president. And if by some chance you aren’t a lying twat, that guy isn’t Trump and doesn’t represent him. I could run around in a Batmanshirt, sucker punching people and yelling “I am the night!” Would people really be like “wow look at how Batman and his fans really are.

Batman punch Trump shirt, tank top and youth shirt

Batman punch Trump tank top
tank top
Batman punch Trump youth shirt
youth shirt

Batman punch Trump shirt, hoodie and sweater

I’m going to guess that all these sponsored links selling t-shirts of Wonder Woman/Batman/*insert character hereBatman punch Trump shirt insert person here are SCAMS. Here’s why – DC would not support this kind of portrayal of their characters. It’s bad for business. Therefore, the characters are very likely (as in, definitely) being used in an unlicensed manner. The people “selling” these shirts are either violating trademark laws or (and I think this is the case) will take your money and send you nothing in return. When you see one of these ads, report it to FB and please.

Batman punch Trump sweat shirt
sweat shirt
Batman punch Trump hoodie

You can prove that there weren’t Muslims thronging the Jersey shore to cheer the ruins of the World Trade Center, but you can’t prove that Batman punch Trump shirt didn’t see Super-8 footage of a Jersey warehouse show of a Kharijite Supertramp cover band playing in front of a van airbrushed with the words “Death to Breakfast in America”. You can’t prove Donald Trump isn’t Batman.

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