Bear with me beer shirt

Official Bear with me beer shirt

I don’t condone cutting trees down unless necessary. However, there is some research that suggests that young trees produce oxygen better and help remove carbon dioxide better than older trees. Basically, if they removed this Bear with me beer shirt, potentially pretty old, and then planted another tree, it’s not a huge deal. Sad though for them to cut a beautiful tree just for a no the of this.

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Bear with me shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Bear with me ladies tee
Ladies tee
Bear with me youth tee
Youth tee

They should grow one. Ya will take a bit but more trade and wow what a talk and teaching to kids. This tree came from Central Pennsylvania. It spent its life overlooking Beaver Stadium at Penn State University. My family watched them cut it down. We Pennsylvanians are proud it will be standing tall & beautiful in NYC for the Bear with me shirt.

Bear with me hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Bear with me sweater
Bear with me hoodie

How much lumber can they possibly get from this Bear with me shirt? The idea of donating to habitat for humanity is wonderful but that’s really not that much lumber. Plus, the amount of money that was paid to get this tree there was just insane. NY could have spent that on the homeless or children’s education/needs. Just my opinion.

3 thoughts on “Bear with me beer shirt

  1. Amanda Parsons Mickey Parsons says:

    I’ll take a picture of my bear ass! That’s how much I love you!

    • George Veldman says:

      I mean.. come on. Lol Dad joke, fucking adorable AND on a crew neck!!

  2. Mickey Parsons says:

    Well shove a bottle of beer between it and put it one a shirt I might just wear it

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