Ben Drankin shirt

Ben Drankin shirt

I will never forget when I was taking a screenwriting class in college and when I shared a script I wrote the professor complained that my Ben Drankin shirt. I don’t believe that your character should always grow. Sometimes you’re just stuck. That was an insightful moment, though. So many people just want to follow the formula.

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That insight came from you and was not given to you by your Ben Drankin shirt, yet it was still a product of that class. Higher education is as much about what we are able to discover about ourselves by being able to reflect in an academic environment as it is about what we can receive from our teachers. Well done! Did you Ben Drankin shirtsay that to your prof?

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That being such was the point of your character’s growth? That would be a good point of view. But if your character doesn’t grow you should make it pretty obvious why you didn’t want them to grow. That’s its own kind of message, but if you just have the character not grow for no apparent reason then what story are you telling? You aren’t depicting real life, you’re telling a Ben Drankin shirt, which is very very different.

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