Don’t be a Pecker shirt

Don’t be a Pecker shirt

I was sad to see you retire because you’re one of my Don’t be a Pecker shirt. But, couldn’t be happier to hear your motives. It takes a true man, to leave something they love, to obey and follow someone they love more. Seek His kingdom first. Calling evil “weakness” and saying that every human has his weakness is justification to show that, that person won’t change except God’s personal intervention.

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Don’t be a Pecker shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Don’t be a Pecker youth tee
Youth tee
Don’t be a Pecker ladies tee
Ladies tee

I’m so thankful that my husband was able to capture the best day of our lives like this. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well. Thank you so much for sharing this Don’t be a Pecker shirt! I love Papa and baby’s skin to skin contact while you were taking a nap! Deguzman Reilly Thank you so much!

Don’t be a Pecker hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Don’t be a Pecker hoodie
Don’t be a Pecker sweater

Happy Mother’s Day to you as well and I’m excited for you to meet your Don’t be a Pecker shirt. This made me cry, this video is so beautiful in capturing the real raw emotions of bringing a baby into the world I’m due with our first son and 3rd baby in less than a month, this makes me so excited! Congratulations on your beautiful family!

4 thoughts on “Don’t be a Pecker shirt

  1. Rachel Weldon says:

    If Jessica was still with us she would’ve laughed so hard at this!! Lol She might’ve even bought you one!

  2. Joey Bawlz says:

    We might have to go shopping for a new pair of work pants for me after we have all the intercourse tomorrow morning

  3. Brooke Uhl Idalski says:

    I just saw this and forwarded it to my husband to make me one. I think I’ll have several made and wear them every day.

  4. Angelique Almanza says:

    Hey Chicken lady this made me think of you. Not cuz the pecker part, cuz the chickens, well ?. And cuz your 10.

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