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    Affordable to get to top level. Hell, even showing at low levels its expensive, and depending on where you live, you need quite some extra cash to own and/or board a horse. I mean golf can get crazy expensive too but at least you can buy your Easily distracted by books shirt with a decent income. I can’t even get a decent amount lessons because packages are over $400 for so little lessons in several barns.

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    Easily distracted by books shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

    Easily distracted by books youth tee

    Youth tee

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    Ladies tee

    So many people I know volunteered for this Easily distracted by books shirt. Just a cruel rant, Facebook is really not the place for it. Go find the Complaint Dept. But didn’t Tryon get in this s predicament because the Canadian venue backed out? I know there were problems. But this one s particularly hurtful coming from a Canadian. Blame your own country and thank Tryon and the US for pulling this together. Ah this makes me so sad.

    Easily distracted by books hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

    Easily distracted by books hoodie


    Easily distracted by books sweater


    Especially since I used to admire Mr Lamaze so much. I hosted German, Belgian and American press at my farm and while we all agreed there were many things that could have been better they all maintained the facility conditions for the Easily distracted by books shirt, riders and the organization of the individual events were very well done. The consensus among the press is that this is a largely “ sour grapes “ posting by a competitor who didn’t perform very well. That’s a pity.

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