Godzilla catching Kaiju shirt

Godzilla catching Kaiju shirt

I can’t believe there’s this many Godzilla’s. I thought it was the Godzilla catching Kaiju shirt or at least a direct lineage of them. I think Godzilla will be smaller when King Kong gets to battle with him. I just wish they stuck with the original size. That way it makes it easier to have more monsters in one city destroying everything.

Godzilla catching Kaiju shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Godzilla catching Kaiju Ladies
Godzilla catching Kaiju Hoodie

Never watched a single Godzilla but all I know is that it produced one of the dopest music samples of all time. Now some strangers in the Godzilla catching Kaiju shirt for just laughing out of nowhere. It might be wrong
In the first-ever Godzilla movie, there was a bit that a scientist said Godzilla was estimated to be 450 feet tall the modeling job on all these renders truly sucks major ass. Like someone in a rush to get something out just to be first at something.

Godzilla catching Kaiju Sweater
Godzilla catching Kaiju Tank top
Tank top

The last one on this list was 300m but this video is probably older than the Godzilla catching Kaiju shirt so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Not one move has ever had Godzilla at that size. Take that King even if you could tackle legendary’s Godzilla, there’s no way you’ll ever take out Godzilla Earth.

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