Jim harold’s Campfire shirt

Jim harold's Campfire shirt

If you’ve never listened to Jim harold’s Campfire shirt Tales podcast before, this is a great one to start off with. A great friend of mine Jim Harold helped create this Adult Coloring Book based on his Campfire Stories. I grew up and went to school with Jim, so definitely check it out. Perfect for reading in the dark with a flashlight, Jim Harold’s Campfire: True Ghost Stories contains seventy toe‐curling, spine‐tingling tales. Author Jim Harold has put together the most frightening stories that were told to him by some of the thousands of listeners of his “Paranormal Podcast” and “Jim harold’s Campfire shirt” podcasts… Having interviewed experts and listeners for years, Harold doesn’t dress up in alien costumes and has never purchased the Official Ghost Detector off late night TV, and yet, he has discovered that ordinary people are having extraordinary experiences.

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Jim harold's Campfire tank top
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Jim harold's Campfire v-neck t-shirt
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Cool Jim harold’s Campfire shirt

Kevin Malek of the NWPS repressing the Summerwind Restoration Society tells Jim harold’s Campfire shirt of Virtual Campfire about the shadow person he captured at the Summerwind ruins and discusses the Summerwind Restoration Society. Happy Halloween, Monday October 31! Do you love spooky campfire stories? I do! And today we have Jim Harrold back to share some true ghost stories! Jim has his own radio podcast and hundreds of people have shared their stories which he is putting into print in his new third edition. Join us for some spooooky stuff that will fascinate and maybe even scare you on this special night of mysterious happenings!

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