Just Corbyn T Shirt

Just Corbyn Shirt

Thank God for him, he will have changed the political climate for ever, whether or not he wins. The old crooks have had it. JC for PM,Vote for this party and 50% of the economy (i.e. SMEs) they plan to hike Corp Tax for will change how they pay tax or just give up. So you can ruin people’s dreams as times are tough enough (I paid £12k in VAT, £5k in personal tax, £4K on account, and £10k in Corp Tax. Then I have normal running costs as other people do, am left with little. Also I pay for my younger relative to live life free to follow their dreams) or not vote for a party that want the country to internally combust.

Just Corbyn Shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

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Just Corbyn tank top
tank top
Just Corbyn v-neck t-Shirt
v-neck t-Shirt

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