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    Kawhi Tho shirtt. Can’t wait for this man to get back on the floor and dominate. Go Spurs Go ️Kawhi wearing his own t-shirt to sxsw! My best friend always says never wear the band’s t-shirt to their concert. Is that kinda the same thing? He can do no wrong in my book tho! Except a couple of free throws, but I forgive him. That nigga chased me around the high and took my shirt cause i got low on him but rip lil bro see u soon. Better have my shirttho.

    Kawhi Tho shirt, tank top and v-neck t-shirt

    Kawhi Tho ladies shirt

    ladies shirt

    Kawhi Tho tank top

    tank top

    Kawhi Tho v-neck t-shirt

    v-neck t-shirt

    So Im In The Gym Part Of LA Fitness Right Hooping , These Niggas like Who Guarding This Man He Too Cold , They Reading My Shirt Like Draineo ! I didn’t Even Tell Em My Name & Them Folks like Bro You Good – Haaa ! Ik . Then They Messed Up Saying I Look Like Kawhi Tho shirt Leonard From The Spurs lol It Aint The first Time i Heard Thaa Tho I’ve seen so many comments lately of other fans saying Kawhi is overrated and I think to myself how in the hell is he overrated and what basketball are they watching.

    Kawhi Tho youth shirt

    youth shirt

    Kawhi Tho hoodie, sweater and longsleeve shirt

    Kawhi Tho sweat shirt

    sweat shirt

    There has been an unprecedented number of smiling Kawhi Tho shirt images online in the past couple of days. Are they real or photoshopped It’s like he is a baby bird breaking out of his shell little by little every season. I think. No wait I know this year will be his year. The year of Kawhi Tho!!! Real spit tho does when a bih have a yeast infectin do that mean she got too much bread ? Cuz if so break me off b , ya boy’s hurting fam.

    Kawhi Tho longsleeve shirt

    longsleeve shirt

    Kawhi Tho hoodie


    I’m so happy Kawhi Tho shirt went to China, looks like he had a blast and the people really welcomed him in So, I finally got my first-ever Kawhi Tho shirt Leonard autographed photo! As you can see, I got it in a contest, ran by his official IG fanpage, managed by his very supportive lovely sis. Was expecting something more personalized that goes like, “My dearest best fan in the world, Joni…”  But hey, it’s from The Klaw himself, prepped by one of his loved ones–I’m overjoyed! Little things do matter big time to a fan.

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