Lincolnview Lancers shirt

Lincolnview Lancers shirt

I wouldn’t expect my family to do everything for me, though as they see me so infrequently, they often insist. These people need to get off their backsides and get on with it. Family values and kids learning to cook can go a long way in life. I freaked hate that everyone wants to blame millennials for everything. I’m no millennial and trust me when I tell you that I’m not hosting. I’m not shirking either, no one wants to eat my cooking and I can’t possibly fit the Lincolnview Lancers shirt of people required! I’m in my thirties and have been hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas for several years. My twin sister took on Thanksgiving this year and I did Christmas we did our Christmas early due to schedule conflicts.

Lincolnview Lancers shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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Lincolnview Lancers Hoodie

Who cares if you go to your parents or if they come to you for the holidays? My mom loves having holidays at her house, the Lincolnview Lancers shirt and I grew up in. We all bring something to contribute to the meal as she is getting older and meals can be costly. We get together at my daughter, son in laws house. Everyone brings side dishes & deserts & we furnish meat, drinks & whatever the rest aren’t bringing. We talk & list what bringing so no duplications. However it’s just easier to host here, the house is made for entertaining. Our grandparents are too old to host now, our parents don’t have space for everybody to sit together, and our cousins + siblings aren’t settled down yet.

Lincolnview Lancers Sweater
Lincolnview Lancers Tank top
Tank top

The first couple times are daunting but it gets easier each time. We had 22 over for dinner last weekend and are having 13ish Christmas Day. And to the people saying with what money? Umm the Lincolnview Lancers shirt of Christmas should always be shared between the family enjoying the day together. It’s always worked that way in my family. I do not think it is a generational thing, it is a personal thing. Some people just do not want to do anything but are happy to let others do it and contribute nothing.

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