Madea Christmas tree shirt

Madea Christmas tree shirt

Are you serious right now! I’ve been in Kansas City and Dallas most of my years and so I know not one damn thing about the Madea Christmas tree shirt and famous, nor do I just call people liars just because. What?!!! Did you see the Avengers movies he has no cause to make up a childhood that has an actual “history”? What’s up with the “gringos” comment?

Madea Christmas tree shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Madea Christmas tree youth tee
Youth tee
Madea Christmas tree ladies tee
Ladies tee

Stay on topic boi don’t turn this Madea Christmas tree shirt and racism and the nature of white folks are barbaric. I am a white woman and last time I checked some smug fucker says some slick sexist at and I have to put up with it because women always have. Nah. If you have legitimate knowledge of RDJ’s life and you feel the need to be the devil’s advocate, be my guest but let’s just be honest.

Madea Christmas tree hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Madea Christmas tree hoodie
Madea Christmas tree sweater

You are painting a picture of yourself right now and guess what Robert Downey Jr. Is obviously walking his walking, not talking his talk. What did he do to you anyway? You weren’t a fan of Weird Science or something? I’m just trying to figure out how you form your Madea Christmas tree shirt of other cultures or races lifestyles. Because if it isn’t 1st hand knowledge, nobody cares, not even the jury or the judge lol. What is driving you? How many blunts or splifs you twist up today?

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