Merry Christmas Snoopy driving christmas tree truck shirt

  • Merry Christmas Snoopy driving christmas tree truck shirt
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  1. Trina Perez Vane on

    Has Anyone ordered from this company and are they true to size. Please let me know. I love love Hallmark Christmas movies and this shirt.

  2. look it’s a combo of my 2 favorite things! Charlie Brown/Snoopy & Hallmark Christmas movies! Sorry, but what good is pillow or a mug or a bag etc., that says “this is my hallmark watching shirt”?

  3. Christine Seltenrich DeMauro on

    I wish they would wait until Thanksgiving to show the movies. Before Halloween is definitely too soon. They had me on mind when they made this shirt!!! My husbands already regretting October 26th.

  4. Diane Kishalonis Fleig on

    Has anyone ordered from this company? Is it legit? How was the sizing and the shipping time frame? I’d like to know that as well. Purchased from a FB retailer and the quality was horrible. Would like to know what purchasers think of this shirts quality.

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