My patronus is a Minion shirt

My patronus is a Minion shirt

Had a friend stay on the My patronus is a Minion shirt in my dorm room over the weekend once, one night some drunk dude walked into my room with nothing but a T-shirt on and tried to get on top of my friend on the couch. He would have been on top of one of them and covering her mouth, drunk with light beet, registered as and he is ready for the supreme court. I was going to say he was sleeping on the wrong end of the bed but then until she mentioned that he wasn’t even in the right dorm. I somehow made it back to base.

My patronus is a Minion shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

My patronus is a Minion Ladies
My patronus is a Minion Hoodie

We were outboard a similar ship to ours. I woke up the My patronus is a Minion shirt and realized there was a wall where there should be no one wall. I looked out of the rack and quickly realized I was on the wrong ship. This just reminded me of that. Oh, and I ran off that ship with only my wallet and wearing nothing but my underwear. I would watch this show because I like stuff like this, but I cannot and will not watch it because that girl that laughs like a dolphin is extremely annoying. But it’s not her fault, she can’t help it, it’s her laughter.

My patronus is a Minion Sweater
My patronus is a Minion Tank top
Tank top

I just wish I could get passed it. What a My patronus is a Minion shirt for me though because I really like the show. I woke up on the floor of the girl’s bathroom on the wrong floor. three or four girls woke me up kind of like they did this guy. I had to sit down in the hallway for a little while and figure out what the fuck was going on. at least I got the building right.

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