Pugasaurus Rex shirt

Pugasaurus Rex shirt

There should hold manufacturing plastic giants to be accountable, for making waste biodegradable. Incinerator for all plastics that are nonrecyclable, create electricity from the destruction of the plastics, no more placing it in a Pugasaurus Rex shirt or having a huge island of it floating in the oceans. So we can’t even recycle the bags, plates, cups, etc then maybe it’s governments fault that it didn’t allocate money for better separation and better recycling? Countries like Germany and Austria recycle over 60% of all waste including cups, plates, etc.

Pugasaurus Rex shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Pugasaurus Rex Ladies
Pugasaurus Rex Hoodie

I wash everything I put for recycling and if washing with soap can’t enable my coffee cup to be recycled government should invest money in better alternatives. Otherwise, we will never get rid of the waste we had today. I can’t even recycle near where I live. No companies for it and our local dump doesn’t have any options for it either. Closest recycling place is all the way in the city like a 3 shirt in My.Frog.Tee. The Pugasaurus Rex shirt is now limiting what plastics can be recycled, all others should be thrown out with the trash? Same goes with styrofoam, it should be incinerated and destroyed that way.

Pugasaurus Rex Sweater
Pugasaurus Rex Tank top
Tank top

Modern energy from waste plant runs hot enough to break the chemical bonds and completely burn the plastics, any papers that can’t be recycled, cardboard, wood, sofas, chairs, etc. The Pugasaurus Rex shirt that shouldn’t go to one are electronics as they need different disposal methods. The problem is that there’s no consistency between locations; in my city, I can recycle the black coffee cup lids (for example), but one town over, they can’t.

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