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    The same things were going on then. Why wasn’t something done during those years. Congress get your heads out of your asses “ Senator Warren” Build that wall and get some legislation passed. It doesn’t matter who started it. The point is it should end. This is an Raptor pocket shirt policy that cannot be justified on any level.

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    For those of you that see this as political point scoring exercise, I say this to you: imagine it was your kids, imagine for a second if you were in their shoes. How would you feel? This is a human tragedy first and foremost in a country that Raptor pocket shirt.

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    This is a human tragedy first and foremost in a country that calls itself civilized. The law says that we put illegal immigrants in prison. But we don’t do that to children. It is simple enough. We take care of the children with Raptor pocket shirt, food & housing until their parents trials come up and concluded. Would you rather that the US turn them out on the street to fend for themselves?

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