RIP Stan Lee shirt

Official RIP Stan Lee shirt, hoodie and sweater

This movie never gets old, you know it’s the RIP Stan Lee shirt when TBS does this marathon every year. Don’t celebrate, but this should be watched by everyone. My first year ever not seeing the Christmas Story marathon. Free digital tv has its retro moments.

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Official RIP Stan Lee shirt
Official RIP Stan Lee shirt

Rest in peace father of marvel, u made lives happier ones and you gave us heroes when there were no heroes to believe in, u will be missed and EXCELSIOR! It’s terribly sad, especially when you have children who see stan lee’s creations as an absolute hero; who use them to give themselves courage. He has left an incredible legacy that will last an extremely long time.

RIP Stan Lee shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

RIP Stan Lee ladies tee
Ladies tee

License it to Antenna TV, TBS is not the same after Ted Turner sold it. Remember this place, I think it was called “mezzanine” level at Higbees, went on that escalator many times, was always exciting! Love to see it again. I’m sad every Christmas at 11 p.m. when the last airing of it is RIP Stan Lee shirt.

RIP Stan Lee hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

RIP Stan Lee hoodie
RIP Stan Lee sweater

I made it a little tradition of my own to watch it throughout the RIP Stan Lee shirt. I love this movie. Went to the Christmas House in Cleveland a couple years ago and got to meet the lady elf. I had the chance to talk to her and hear her story about being in the movie.

5 thoughts on “RIP Stan Lee shirt

  1. Angie Jones says:

    Met him earlier this year, had him sign this reprint. We sang the merry marvel marching society song. Im gonna miss looking for his lil cameos in the movies. They were always so funny!

  2. Seesee Seer says:

    I’m not all into comics hard core like many!!! This t-shirt is amazzzen!!! Such a kool tribute!!! Any collector should have!!! Great Xmas gifts!!!

  3. Karen Ridley Sparkman says:

    I just ordered none for my husband and son. This is so going to be a MOM win for Christmas. Just bought this for my hubbie & kids. Got to meet Stan a couple of years ago – such a great man.

  4. Kerry Hyland says:

    AWSOME now he will have cameos everywhere! Thank you Stan Lee for sharing your imagination with us!

    • Myfrogtee says:

      Thank you so much! You can click on the green button to buy it today!

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