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    I have had a colonoscopy every 3 years since I was 45. Polyps every time. Those polyps can and will turn to cancer. Don’t want to wait until they turn to colon cancer to get them out. I would love more information. My Snoopy happy pills shirt. If I did have to have the colonoscopy every 5 years I would be very happy.

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    Please provide more information. I wish it was available now! I hope it becomes available before I have to have another colonoscopy in a couple of years. I know I can’t get out of the one for this Snoopy happy pills shirt. A test can’t remove polyps which can be cancerous or turn cancerous. I’d rather be safe than sorry later.

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    No shortcuts when it comes to health! How fantastic if this happens many will take a test instead of ignoring it which will help the Snoopy happy pills shirt of colon cancer. Having had polyps, would this blood test be able to predict whether there might be new ones that need to come out in between scopes?

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