Unicorn Majestically Awkward shirt

Unicorn Majestically Awkward shirt

I was able to hold her tell her I love her still miss her like it was yesterday so perfect so pretty but wasn’t meant to rip little always on my mind always in my heart. In this comment section: more people who don’t understand that News outlets also contain editorial, opinion, home and lifestyle, and other such articles. It’s lovely to see a story about a Unicorn Majestically Awkward shirt is some support for mummies who have suffered this not enough but seem to be nothing for daddies. I can’t imagine how horrible going through such a thing must be.

Unicorn Majestically Awkward shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Unicorn Majestically Awkward Ladies
Unicorn Majestically Awkward Hoodie

We don’t talk enough about men’s mental health so well done for sharing the Unicorn Majestically Awkward shirt from this dad’s view. What a sad story for this man, and his family. Everyone experiences grief differently, but the grief is really just the same. The sadness doesn’t disappear, but the raw, gut-wrenching, devastating pain of loss gets less raw and sweeps over less often. It is good this man has worked so hard to deal with his loss. I wish him on-going peace. 

Unicorn Majestically Awkward Sweater
Unicorn Majestically Awkward Tank top
Tank top

I think it’s awful that someone at work, let alone management, were telling him to censor what he wrote! If you don’t like it you can block notifications or de-friend them. What right do you have to tell someone how to grieve, they have lost a child, like someone has lost a parent, a friend. Except for the loss of a Unicorn Majestically Awkward shirt is worse in many ways as they didn’t have a chance at life and the family was stolen off their life with them.

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