What would Vyvyan do shirt

What would Vyvyan do shirt

That’s not a racist gesture everyone, did anyone here grow up in the ’90s? Literally, its silly someone would assume it’s racist. This is a joke game is that easily mistaken for flashing white power signs in front of a black journalist, maybe don’t do it. My niece plays the circle game every time we see each other… one day I won’t look. The What would Vyvyan do shirt is she doesn’t punch. When and how did the ok sign become a white power symbol? Not doubting, just asking.

What would Vyvyan do shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

What would Vyvyan do Ladies
What would Vyvyan do Hoodie

I’d never heard of it until recently. People saying this is the circle game – the What would Vyvyan do shirt was once an ancient symbol of peace. That’s not what it means today. Meanings change. People throwing this symbol know EXACTLY what they mean by it. It was the circle game but it has 100% been adopted by white supremacist groups.

What would Vyvyan do Sweater
What would Vyvyan do Tank top
Tank top

They laugh on twitter about how easy it is to just claim it is the What would Vyvyan do shirt or ok when caught. Its an easily masked symbol. Hey idiots, if you have to say “but that’s not a white power gesture!” whenever someone does it – it’s a white power gesture. This is so upsetting even if he feels that way, those gestures are so easy to control. Ban him for stupid.

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