Xmas Bin Chicken Christmas sweater

Xmas Bin Chicken Christmas sweater

I may have already sent this remember when we made our own ornaments with the Xmas Bin Chicken Christmas sweater and sequins, we should have Christmas get together and do this stuff with all the kids. I’m sure they’d all love it. Let’s get together and craft with kids this year! We could make Christmas presents. And Amanda they would be a great addition to any you and your glue gun, officially appointed as the head of our holiday decorating committee.

Xmas Bin Chicken Christmas sweater, hoodie, long sleeve and t-shirt

Xmas Bin Chicken Christmas Ladies
Xmas Bin Chicken Christmas Hoodie

We should do Christmas homemade ornaments one year and just decorate our tree with the homemade ones. Please do not put peanuts on your Christmas tree. I can’t believe with all of the kids including my nephew who is severely life-threateningly allergic to peanuts, that this is a thing. But how did they get the beads on the candy cane secured? There is no way I would leave them on without securing the Xmas Bin Chicken Christmas sweater with two dogs, a cat, and a baby running around this house.

Xmas Bin Chicken Christmas Longsleeve
Xmas Bin Chicken Christmas Shirt

You can now find these supplies at your favorite Dollar Tree. Could not find the Xmas Bin Chicken Christmas sweater in a full pack at Walmart. They only had multi colors and cost more. It’s okay if you wanted different colors but without the instructions, I had to guess you needed at least 10 shiny green ones to make the wreaths.

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