6+4+3=2 shirt

6+4+3=2 shirt (funny baseball shirt)

As many may know “6+4+3=2 shirt“, I took over the role of the Community Ed. Elementary Volleyball program coach at the school. (After countless years Chrissy Draper is too busy, so I was happy to take over) I wanted to just share the information that was published in the Education Plus that came out. I am very excited about spending more hours in a week in the gym working on volleyball skills with young players. Please share information to those who may be interested.

6+4+3=2 shirt, tank top, youth tee

6+4+3=2 Tank top
Tank top
6+4+3=2 Youth shirt
Youth shirt

Update: Wir loosen das unter den Fans Nr. 1990 bis 2000 aus, es soll wirklich Fans geben, die ihr “Like” zurückgezogen haben, um im passenden Moment wieder zu liken.

6+4+3=2 hoodie and sweater

6+4+3=2 Hoodie
6+4+3=2 Sweater

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