Wild airstream shirt

Wild airstream shirt

I picked this book up last night & while i read the words written on each page, i drifted off into my airstream lala land. These 2 girls {the junk gypsy girls} decorated miranda lambert’s airstream named wanda my 19′ bambi girl just adores wanda’s decor! that’s actually how i found the junk gypsy girls. Ei and I just booked a vintage airstream in Austin TX to stay in for a few nights included in price is a friendly pig in a “Wild airstream shirt“! Crazy – I love it! Let’s see what other unique abode we can find.

Wild airstream shirt, hoodie, tank top

Wild airstream Tank top
Tank top
Wild airstream Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt
Wild airstream Hoodie

Cool Wild airstream shirt, hoodie, tank top

While my darling daughter {bambi the trailer} is being loved & adored by the handsome men at the airstream spa. I have a feeling she might be finding her lovely little bubbly wings again. the adventure we call boondocking, has been one heck of a trailer ride for her. anything & everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. we departed that perfect trailer spot e6, with full hook-ups to boondock, one month ago.

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