The B stands for Babadook shirt

The B stands for Babadook shirt

Competition time, Click the link below, RT the status and win one of two Babadook T Shirts ! Babadook Competition. Win The Babadook T-shirt And Signed Poster. we Haven’t Even Premiered Yet And People Are Going Nuts For The Babadook! This guy can’t think of anything else, to the point where he refuses to wear anything BUT his Babadook t-shirt!

The B stands for Babadook shirt, hoodie, tank top and v-neck t-shirt

So the challenge is on. Send us a photo of yourself interpreting the Babadook in any way you see fit (keep it PG rated) and Mister Babadook himself will judge the winner by the 22nd May. Please PM us your entry and we will post on this page. It could be dress ups, a painting of Mister Babadook, an interpretive dance. We don’t care what, just send it! We know most of you haven’t seen the film yet, so just use your imagination, going off what pics and details you can find online. You could win a signed Babadook poster as well as a Babadook T-Shirt and some Babadook buttons (to wear on your Babadook T-Shirt!) GET TO IT!

The B stands for Babadook Hoodie
The B stands for Babadook Hoodie
The B stands for Babadook Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt
The B stands for Babadook Tank top
The B stands for Babadook Tank top
The B stands for Babadook Ladies v-neck t-shirt
Ladies v-neck t-shirt

2 thoughts on “The B stands for Babadook shirt

  1. Myfrogtee says:

    Win a limited edition The Babadook T-Shirt, stickers and 3 DVDs (‘You’re Next’, ‘Let Me In’, ’30 Days of Night’) courtesy of Icon Entertainment.
    To win you must ‘like’ this post and comment with an image from your favourite horror film.
    We will pick a winner at random. The winner will be announced this Friday 24 Oct at 12noon which is also the day THE BABADOOK opens!

  2. Myfrogtee says:

    This BABADOOK POP UP BOOK we’ve been banging on about. Well… it looks like it’s actually going to happen.
    But because NONE of us over here at Team Babadook are anywhere near financially solvent, we’re going to have to raise the funds to get this baby to the printing press.
    Normally you donate money to a fund raiser and you feel good inside (maybe you get a T-shirt for your troubles…)
    BUT in this case… (if you donate a certain amount), you’ll actually be pre ordering your very own copy of The Babadook pop up book with that ‘donation.’
    So it isn’t really a donation at all, it’s a self serving means to an end. And The Babadook likes that.
    These pop up books will be precious, beautifully made collectors items. We’re only doing an initial run of 5000. And they’ll have pages from the book in the film, but there’ll also be new creepy Babadook pages, above and beyond what you see on screen.
    Our ‘Babadook book Kickstarter’ is going to go public some time early June. Stay close to this page for more details.

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